Spaghetti al cartoccio

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Trenette ,with fish , shrimps and shellfish cooked in the oven in foil
Clean the mussels , wash them and pull the thread , cook in a pan for 10 minutes
until you can see all the shells open.
Put the clams in salty water for almost 5 hours, clean the squids and cut in rings.
Take a pan and add olive oil, chopped garlic and chopped parsley, cut le cozze in little
pieces and add them in the pan, add the clams and the squids rings, add the white wine, the
salty water of the mussels, 1 tea spoon of sugar ,
and the tomatoes before boiled and peeled, cut tomatoes in little pieces and add chilly , cook for
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Filetto di Pesce con sfoglia di patate al profumo di vino


Filetto di pesce con una base di patate e cipollotti al profumo di vino
              Fish fillet with  a base of potatoes and spring onions with wine flavour 

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Orecchiette con le cime di rapa

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Un primo piatto della cultura Pugliese ,eseguito interamente dai miei allievi !
  A southern Italian dish prepared entirely by my students

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Torta di ricotta con salsa di arance

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Ricotta cake with orange syrup

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Gnocchi al sugo

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Gnocchi al sugo di pomodoro e basilico

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